Issue Six: Purple Day 2017

Purple Day is an internationally recognized event to help raise awareness about epilepsy, to help support people who have epilepsy and to just have a great time in order to fundraise and educate others regarding the condition and the effects it has.

As I’ve said before, being diagnosed with epilepsy can be incredibly daunting and it’s certainly life changing. For many, the initial diagnosis can seem frustratingly limiting (for example, some have to give up their driving license, others may have to have round the clock observation or support, etc) and, for me, it was certainly something that worried me for a long time until I spoke to others who had the same condition and other hidden illnesses. What if was never able to drive? How would I look after my kids on my own? Could I even take a shower without someone waiting outside the room anymore?


Over the years, I’ve learnt to resolve many of these problems with support from professionals, colleagues and family. The most important thing I’ve found though, and the one which breaks down the most barriers, is definitely being able to provide understanding. As soon as people realize you CAN almost everything they can (obviously this is dependent on your diagnosis, how epilepsy presents itself for you and what your triggers are), they begin to accept you again. I think, from my own experience certainly, they’re more afraid of epilepsy than you are – it’s certainly a huge responsibility supporting someone through a seizure – but once you can put their mind at ease, the tension seems to ebb.

So, the more people who are aware of epilepsy and have an understanding of the condition, the better, right? Of course!


Purple Day 2017 is on the 26th March and it’s really easy to fundraise. Just ask for a pack from any of the many epilepsy charities out there – Young Epilepsy, Epilepsy Society, Epilepsy Action to name but a few – and they’ll send one out to you ASAP. Wear something purple, paint your face, hold a coffee morning or go out on a run – literally anything you can think of! Your fundraising pack will contain all the information you need, help planning your event and also resources to help promote epilepsy awareness.


I’d like to run an auction. The highest bidder can have their own piece of art on a canvas that’ll I’ll produce using a mix of different media styles. Bear in mind that the majority of my artwork is based on current pop culture pieces, science fiction, comic books and monster movies, so if you try and link it into one of those categories, that’d be awesome.

Please hit me up on Instagram, Twitter, or message me via the blog for more information and we’ll see how much we can raise for the campaign.

Happy Purple Day everyone!


Rob Richardson

Rogue Anteater Inks


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