The Artists Against Epilepsy campaign was born following my latest seizure – I’d gone 7 weeks without one but had recently also engaged in art therapy. It struck me how well this was working towards giving me an outlet and another focus other than being ‘that guy who has seizures’ or ‘that weird dude with the grazes on his face.’

Basically, it made me feel like ME again.

For the last 13 years, since being diagnosed, people have found it easy to tell me what I can’t do but haven’t been quite as forthcoming in helping me find my own direction. A few job changes later, a happier environment and a clear sense of purpose has helped me invest in art; more importantly, as sense of achievement and hope.

I’d like to create a community to help bring people together affected by epilepsy and give us a creative outlet, some focus and to offer support for those in need. I want Artists Against Epilepsy to showcase our work and group efforts with the goal being that we can show the world we’re more than just epilepsy – we’re people with much more to offer.